"BEST OF 2006"

"*** (Three Stars). Jarring."
-Bloody Disgusting

"Horrorís answer to the Gong Show."
-Creature Corner

"A bizarre mixture of Mr. Show and Tales from the Darkside."
-Blogcritics Magazine

"Imagine Monty Python directed by Dario Argento. A fun, sick movie."
-Films In Review

"Decidedly bizarre."
-Flipside Movie Emporium

"Truly bad trash cinema."
-Video Vista

"Soul-crushingly awful. If you really love Troma movies but you think they're way too high-brow and sophisticated, this is totally the movie for you."
-They're Coming

"Absolutely sublime."

"Trash cinema at its best."
-Heathen Harvest

"Somewhere in between cheese and brilliance comes Lovecracked the movie. Sit back and just enjoy it."

"Donít say I didnít warn you."

"7 out of 10. Quite funny."

"This film will appeal to anyone looking for an entertaining 90 minutes."
-Obscure Horror

"This is pure entertainment at its best. A mind trip that will keep you busy. One of the best independent movies I've ever laid my eyes on."

"**** (4 stars). An array of the hideous, hellish and hilarious."
-James Wegg Review

"Genuinely funny and surprisingly horrific. There's more ingenuity and talent on-display here than fourteen Hollywood blockbusters put together. Wonderfully demented."
-The Film Fiend

-A Movie Every Day

"Plenty of entertainment."

"This independent cinema gem of a movie will thrill, shock, disgust and excite every brain cell. A bloody low budget masterpiece of creative trash cinema!"

"Imagine Broken Lizard and the Troma team joining forces to make the most low-brow "comedy" they could..."
-Sex Gore Mutants

"LovecraCked! is showcasing indie-innovation at its best. Packs in enough absurd laughs and homemade avant-garde scares to make it worth checking out."

"'LovecraCked! The Movie' is bound to become a cult favorite, standing proud with the likes of 'Monty Python', 'The Rutles' and 'This Is Spinal Tap'."
-Screams of Terror

"I will likely watch this film several more times, turn my friends on to it and anxiously await the next product."

"LovecraCked! is a funny, refreshing take on horror-comedy, and a huge step up from the more standard lampooning films of the genre."

"Hilarious situations, great one-liners and even somewhat genious ideas."
-Extraordinary Movie & Video Guide

"An entertaining, low-budget romp through the comic-horror gutter."

"Repeatedly scaling new heights of absurdity. Well worth watching."

"A highly entertaining and enjoyable romp. Not unlike the great 'Monty Python'."

"Fan-frickin-tastic! Had me on the edge of my seat. Definitely worth the dime."
-F.C.P. Podcast

"Just plain fun."

"Has a Creepshow vibe."
-Severed Horror

"Biff Juggernaut, the entity responsible for this production, can be proud."
-DVD Verdict

"High camp, hammy acting. BiFF JUGGERNAUTís first feature production wears its weirdness with glee."
-DVD Reviewer

"A solid, scary, creepy, funny Science-Fiction/Horror hybrid well worth the time."
-The World's Greatest Critic

"'LovecraCked! The Movie' is a fun horror comedy anthology with some surprisingly sobering moments of horror in the mix. This oneís got it all."
-Doomed Moviethon

"'LovecraCked! The Movie' is truly a hilarious film."
-DVD Resurrections

"All the laughs and horror you need. One minute you're laughing your ass off, the next minute you're hiding under your blanket. A winner!"
-Cinema Eulogies

"Very entertaining. Shocking and worthwhile. I personally recommend everyone watch this film."
-Behind the Horror Show

"Wonderfully surreal. Itís got energy, enthusiasm and vitality. A welcome treat."
-Nefarious Films

"You've got the makings of what should be cinematic bliss. Lovecracked is that cinematic bliss."

"A truly psychotronic film."
-The Hacker's Source

"Absolutely insane."

"Very entertaining. Downright impressive."

"Consistently funny and enjoyable."
-Film Fanaddict

"Something for almost every horror fan."
-Icons of Fright

"Left me wanting to kill myself." (Arrow in the Head)

-Bits of News

"Really well done."
-Bad Lit

"Fine examples of indie horror."
-Film Threat

"You really can't go wrong with this one."
-The Movies Made Me Do It

"There are parts of Lovecracked! which really stand out as something extraordinary."

"I was truly impressed with what I saw. Good acting, good production values, and a script that made me laugh."

"LovecraCked doesn't disappoint!"
-Rogue Cinema

"A whacked-out dark visual party."
-Hollywood Bitchslap

"Compelling. A trip into bizarroworld. May just tip you over the edge into complete lunacy. Like nothing you have ever seen before."
-DVD House of Horror

"Visually pleasing and mentally frightening."

"A really surreal comedy."
-I Spit On Your Movie

"Creepy, surreal imagery of things 'from beyond.'"
-Movie Patron

"Otherworldly eerieness."
-The Spinning Image

"Enjoyably silly."

"Genuinely creepy."
-Rocky Mountain Chronicle

"Well done and more than a little entertaining."
-Last Site On The Left

"*** (3 stars) ...a sleaze-soaked dream for lovers of trash cinema everywhere..."

"As worthy a homage as youíre likely to see this season."
-Movie Magazine International

"Like being on drugs. Really worth watching."
-Evil Dread

"Icky, weird, and crawling with chaos, as it should be."
-Dread Central

"A swift kick in the balls. Definitely worth watching."

"Really good well written stories."
-The Horror Review

"Slimy and Cronenbergian."

"Man, are there ever good looking women here!"
-Cinema Crazed

"Left me wanting to kill myself." (Arrow in the Head)

"There's certain parts of [LovecraCked!] that are hilarious."
-Deadpit Radio

"Inspired, sick, bloody." -Cinehound

"Diverting, engaging, and in some cases, bordering on brilliant. Keep your eyes out for these guys in the future."
-Kitley's Krypt

"Lots of fake blood exploding out of orifices it shouldn't, and organs being ripped out and sucked on. Wow!"

"The single-most pathetic example of exploitive garbage Iíve ever sat through. Makes Tromaís output look like the Marx Bros. A juvenile, low-concept mess courtesy of people stuck at anal-fixation. Sub-Tom Green bullshit."
-Appreciating Great Trash

"Couldn't be saved if Hitchcock, Kubrick, Spielberg, Kurosawa, and Scorsese merged together to form some kind of awesome cinematic Voltron."
-Something Awful

"An undisputed crusting white bead of cocksnot drying on the anal hair of humanity."
-Movie reviews for greedy capitalist bastards

"[A] constant stream of toilet humour."

"All-out weird." (German)

"Dynamic, vibrant and very enjoyable."
-Revista Fantastique (Spanish)

"**** (Four Stars). An amusing film."
-Movie 2 Movie (Dutch)

"Agreeably disturbing."
-Mulderville (French)

"Quite funny. Made with a twinkle in the eye."
-Moviemix (Swedish)

"Chaotic and humorous." (Spanish)


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