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(segments "LovecraCked!" & "Coo-coo-Cthulhu")

The guiding force behind "LovecraCked! The Movie", his mockumentary "LovecraCked!" initially inspired the anthology and is the wraparound for the film.

A graduate of NYC's School of Visual Arts, Elias started out as an actor when he was 15 and expanded into filmmaking over the next few years, completing his first short, “A Walk in the Park”, in 1994.

In 1995 he formed biff juggernaut productions with friend and collaborator Chad Bernhard, and since then has written, produced, directed and often appeared in a variety of features, shorts and music videos including the infamous, award-winning “The Voice Inside” and the suicidal vampire comedy "Dead Sucks".

Most recently, Elias wrapped production on the feature thriller “Gut”, now in the final stages of post-production. For more info on productions old and new visit

Tomas Almgren
(segments "BugBoy" & "Chaos of Flesh")

Born in Sweden in 1977, Tomas made his first film in high school and the experience made him want to pursue a career in filmmaking. From 1999 through 2001 he attended the London Film School program, where he wrote and directed three films. Following this he moved to Berlin for a couple of years, working with German director Martin Waltz and writing a feature screenplay.

Moving back to London, he focused on scriptwriting, networking, film festivals and music.

Recently Tomas moved back to Sweden to begin pre-production on his first indie feature. You can contact him at almgrentomas @

Brian Barnes
(segment "Witch's Spring")

A graduate of the Royal College of Art Film School, Brian has been making films for over 18 years and currently works as a director and editor in corporate videos and satellite TV. Some of his previous shorts have won awards and achieved TV sales internationally.

He is currently in pre-pre-production on a feature project, with the star of "Witch's Spring" (Gillian MacGregor) in the leading role. See also

Brian Bernhard
(segment "and this was on a good day")

It all began one day. It was a long, long, time ago. I was skipping down the street. I knew something was wrong. One of my shoe laces had come undone. Can you believe it! My motherf**king shoe lace! It got caught in a sewer drain, and POW! Face first into the cold wet pavement. When I came to, my life had changed. I thought to myself, "I get it now". Thanks.

Brian creates and produces television, music videos, video art, paintings, sculpture, and many other kinds of pretty things!

He is also the bassist for "Things Outside The Skin" and "Mutant Yamulkas"

Check out the latest television show he's producing


Justin Powers
(segment "History of the Lurkers" - Ltd. Edition)

Justin has been obsessed with making horror movies since he was a small child growing up in Arkansas. His family got a video camera and he started making stupid movies with his brother and friends, and later accidentally recorded over most of them as a drunken stoner punk teenager, bootlegging crappy movies.

He opened a punk club and promoted shows and booked tours for friends' punk bands, and started a small punk rock record label... Later in life he accidentally sobered up for a minute and remembered his love for filmmaking, and has since combined his DIY ways with filmmaking and started making his soon to be released gore fest feature POT ZOMBIES (

He currently lives Dallas,TX occasionally booking indie film screenings for his company/film fest FRINGE MEDIA, working on films and drinking heavily. You can contact Justin at fringemedia @

Jane Rose
(segment "The Statement of Randolph Carter")

“The Statement of Randolph Carter” is Jane Rose’s first Lovecraftian short and has been screened in numerous festivals in and out of NYC, including the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland,OR.

A longtime Lovecraft fan, Jane is currently in post-production on an adaptation of Ramsey Campbell’s “Heading Home” as well as “The Ghosts of Coney Island” (working title), from an original screenplay.

She is a member of Willamsburg, Brooklyn’s Reel Sweet Betty film collective. For more about Jane just visit

Simon Ruben
(segment "Alecto")

Simon hails from London, England, where he has worked on several short films as an actor, writer, director and editor. He has a Master's in Mythology, a Bachelors in English Literature and is a graduate of the Brighton Film School.

His short film “Alecto” (2004) has won multiple awards and continues to screen in festivals around the world. For more on Simon and his past and future productions, please visit

Doug Sakmann
(segment "Re-Penetrator")

Director of the infamous "Punk Rock Holocaust" (a slasher comedy film based on the Vans Warped Tour), Doug knew from an early age that his true calling would be in the entertainment industry, in some form or another. While in High School, he began writing and publishing an independent zine called "I Am An Evil Carrot", and began pursuing an acting career.

After numerous extra roles and a few featured ones, In 1999 Doug fell in with Troma Entertainment on the film "Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4" and became the Head of Production and Marketing there. In his three years at Troma, he produced and organized a number of film projects and live events. Some of his credits include: Festival Director of Events for the TromaDance Film Festival and Troma at the Cannes Film Festival (2000-2002), Associate Producer on "Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4" and "All The Love You Cannes: An Indie's Guide To The Cannes Film Festival", and Co-Producer/Co-Director of "Troma's Edge TV" (a 20 episode TV series created for syndication across the UK on Channel 4).

Doug has also woked with Hoverground Studios, Low Budget Pictures, Honeymoon Bloodbath Productions, Dangerous Doctor Productions, Phirehaus Collective and Gyro International amongst others.

In 2002, Doug co-founded Backseat Conceptions, a production and distribution company that specializes in “unique promotions for unique products” and also co-founded the Backseat Film Festival, a touring rock and roll film fest.

Most recently, Doug has completed and released “Punk Rock Holocaust 2” as well as two horror horror-porno parodies, “Re-penetrator” and “The Xxxorcist”. For more info on Doug and Backseat Conceptions, check out

Ashley Thorpe
(segment "Remain")

Ashley was born. Apparently. He has been making messy pictures since getting his first box of chalks, which he promptly used to draw all over his school walls. Then after some mucking about he went to Canterbury University and, via a degree in Fine art and film, learned the proper places to plant the pictures that were growing in his brain.

In recent years he has exhibited in London and Athens and produced work for such diverse clients as BBC Manchester, Objective productions, Bizarre Magazine, David Kerekes at Headpress / Critical Vision and the Athens based comic periodical ‘Babel’.

Not content with painting weird pictures, Ashley sometimes makes weird films too. As long as people encourage him, he is likely to continue doing so. The animation ‘The Vampire’ was shown in London, Exeter and at the 6th Indy Panorama in Thessaloniki last year and apart from contributing to the upcoming Mick Grierson / James Newton ‘Cronenberg-esque’ feature ‘The Fake’ (, Ashley is also working on a new Penny Dreadful animation called ‘Scarecrow’.

Oh yes... he’s also writing his first novel ‘Junction’... but God knows when he’ll finish that.

Ashley is currently hiding in England somewhere... no doubt keeping the company of monsters and getting ideas well above his station.

More scribbles and films can be found at

Grady Granros
(segment "Chaos of Flesh")

Director of the 16mm horror short, "Chaos of Flesh", his creative contribution speaks for itself:)

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